Where do we ship and how much does it cost?

Is one of those important things you'll probably want to know when you're thinking about buying stuff from us, right? Well, the destinations and prices are no secret, so instead of hiding them in the footer or making you click through our webshop to find out that dreaded "full price" of your purchase, we've gathered the information here, on this one simple page, for your convenience. And while the shipping times are estimates, the prices are not. They are solid. 

You love us a little bit more right now, don't you? 

What if you can't find your country on this list? Oh nooo!
No worries. Breathe. We can probably still ship to your home country, so just simply contact us and ask. We are good at answering messages (at least during the working days) and will do all that we can to find you the best possible shipping option.

We know it's really nice when shipping doesn't cost a fortune, and we're always looking for better deals from our dear partners. That's a promise. Stay tuned for updates!


Czech Republic: (or Czechia, if you like)
Balik Do postu: 7.00 €                                                 (2 - 5 working days)
Balik Do ruky: 8.00 €                                                   (2 - 5 working days)
Expresni (EMS): 8.50 €                                                (1 - 2 working days)
(Please note that all of these options are insured parcels, marked as fragile)

Slovakia and Poland:
Insured Economy Mail: 10.00 €                                    (3 - 7 working days)
Express Mail: 12.00 €                                                  (2 - 3 working days)

Austria, Belarus, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldova, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom:
Insured Economy Mail: 10.00 €                                   (5 - 14 working days)
Express mail: 29.00 €                                                 (3 - 10 working days)

Belgium, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Romania, Sweden, Turkey:
Insured Economy Mail: 15.00 €                                  (5 - 14 working days)
Express mail: 29.00 €                                                (3 - 10 working days)

Aland Islands, Albania, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Ireland:
Express Mail: 29.00 €                                                (3 - 10 working days)
(To these countries there is only the Express option available at the moment. No economy option. Yep, we're sorry, we know that sucks. We didn't make that decision, but we promise we're doing all we can to figure out something else!)

Rest of the world:


The USA:
Insured Priority Mail: 13.00 €                                     (8 - 20 working days)
Express Mail: 38.00 €                                                (7 - 14 working days)

China, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea: 
Insured Priority Mail: 15.50 €                                     (8 - 20 working days)
Express Mail: 39.00 €                                                (7 - 14 working days)

Insured Priority Mail: 15.50 €                                     (8 - 20 working days)
Express Mail: 43.00 €                                                (7 - 14 working days)

Express Mail: 38.00 €
(At the moment we have no reasonable economy option available for Canada. Sorry. We really love you guys and we're keeping an eye out for good shipping deals, we promise!)

* All orders are shipped within 3 working days from receiving the payment. 

* The shipping prices above are based on the weight and /or value of one module. If you are buying multiple units, please note that the shipping costs will also be higher.

* Please remember that the shipping estimates are just that: estimates. We have tried our best to evaluate the shipping times correctly. The rest depends on those nice postmen, who are probably also trying their best. If not, shame on them

What if you receive a faulty unit? 

In that case, make sure to contact us immediately! Each unit we sell is checked several times: first by our PCB manufacturer, then by us after assembly and then double checked once again before sending it to you. We also pack each module very carefully and securely to minimize any possible damage caused during shipping, so the risk of getting a faulty unit is quite low. If, even after all this, your module turns out to be faulty/defective in any way that might be out fault (as in it wasn't caused by you just treating the module badly or using it incorrectly, or a Godzilla attack, an Alien invasion, the apocalypse etc.) then of course we'll exchange the faulty unit to a functioning one, after inspecting it of course. In case of an exchange we'll also pay the shipping charges. Yep, we really want to play nice here. That's why we also give a 1 year guarantee to all products, counting from the day of purchase.

Can I change my mind and return a flawless unit?

All sales are final, no takesy backsies! We're happy to exchange faulty units to functioning ones, but we don't accept returns on flawless fully functioning units. Please consider your purchase carefully before placing an order. If you have any doubts about the module you're itching to buy, we're happy to chat with you beforehand, just contact us and ask away :)

We'd also advice against shopping online while drunk, that's usually a bad idea. 

Other shipping related info: 

Fun fact: Those green cheese-puff-like thingies that protect your precious module during its trip from our loving hands to yours... are actually pretty much like cheese puffs (we're not taking any responsibility if you decide to eat them, but hey, we won't judge). They are starch based, completely biodegradable and won't cause any harm to the environment, so you can safely throw them in your biowaste basket.